Mech Customization

Customize your mech using procedurally-generated parts salvaged from the Behemoths. And add style: custom materials, faction styles, and some fancy decals.

Intense Co-Op Action

Build your mech to match your style of gameplay, then join up to three friends in your campaign to topple the Behemoths. And if you take it down: harvest the plentiful loot.

Battle the Behemoths

Mobile fortresses specializing in the destruction of Hunters. They assault, react, and adapt based on your play style. These are thinking machines. They aim to cause pain.

Development blog

News and Press

PC Gamer interviewed Trent (again!) about the role of post-processing effects in games in
their July 2018 issue (headlined with screens from Steel Hunters).

PC Gamer interviewed Trent about cameras in games in their March 2018 issue.

Trent wrote an overview of systems-based game design for VentureBeat.

Epic Games' Chance, Alexander, and Amanda talk about Steel Hunters. And Trent. He blushed so much. Like a beet.

Trent talks Joy Machine on the Indie Game Ravers podcast.

PCGamesN talks to Trent in "Making it in Unreal: immersive sims meet mechs in Steel Hunters".

We talk with about our approach to speeding up content production.

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