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The constantly-superb indie/AAA level design and game development process coverage website asked for an interview [two-ish months ago] so, I, being me who loves to ramble, obliged [two-ish months later].

You should read it!

While doing all this, I continued to iterate on landscape materials and, eventually, through a combination of dumb luck and hard work, stumbled on a pretty generic solution that should be reusable for a lot of the maps that I develop for Sacrilege. I’m currently just focused on a single map, that I named ‘max’ because I’ve been obsessed with Mad Max: Fury Road since the day it came out and its soundtrack since the moment after I got out of the theater and grabbed it. Anyway, focused on just a single map for now as I’m working toward a vertical slice.


I also, just for the sake of doing it, just want to reiterate this list of people who have so fantastically contributed in one way or another to the development of Sacrilege and in helping Joy Machine find its feet over the last year:

  • Patreon supporters.
  • Joy Machine site donations.
  • Beyond generous donations from friends and family.
  • My understanding family and friends who deal with me, my frequent rambling, and occasional self-imposed crunch on a daily basis.
  • The unbelievably generous and hard-working folks at PopcornFX.
  • Unnecessarily helpful people at nVidia.
  • The small but talented people at Simul for creating and consistently-improving trueSKY.
  • The team at Coherent Labs who, although I don’t have anything to demo/show yet, have worked with me for absolutely no reason other than complete selflessness to get a CoherentGT license and help my web-ignorant-self develop an incredible, responsive, and well-performing UI.
  • The Unreal Engine community, Slack channel, and forums.
  • Every single talented individual who has contributed work to the Unreal Marketplace.
  • The sidefx team for having a Houdini Indie license available and have put a profound amount of work into the Houdini Engine plugin for Unreal Engine 4.
  • And, of course, the team at Epic who have created the absolutely incredible Unreal Engine 4 and work continuously to improve it.

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