A Productive Couple of Days

So, Saturday/Sunday was a bizarrely productive couple of days for the game; I managed to get the following done:

  • Iteration on the main mech shader.
  • Completely rewrote the character controller/dynamics (this one was a large chunk of the weekend; I was and still am using custom movement code and getting the mech to feel lumbering but also responsive was… time-consuming).
  • Redid the level layout with proper assets instead of the concept buildings.
  • Refined vfx.
  • Rewrote the projectile logic.
  • Got the boosters working.
  • Added audio for existing weaponry/projectiles/ambience.
  • Added per-material physics response and projectile ricochet.
  • Added… Spent shell casings. Because that felt important for some reason.
  • Finally figured out the animation pipeline with Maya LT and got a basic idle/walk/run cycle in for the mech.
  • New water material that I’m not at all happy with and it’s tempting me a great deal to just reintegrate my old WaveWorks port from UE 4.10.2. 

Now all I want in life is a physical material debug view so I can see what doesn’t have materials assigned to it.

I just started laying in some procedural foliage volumes when I finally collapsed on a heap of blankets on my couch and fell asleep. But the result:

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