80.lv Steel Hunters Interview

I did an interview with the lovely folks over at 80.lv a month or two ago that ran earlier this week! It’s about video games, Steel Hunters, and workflow and production processes. Read the words! Here are some:

“But, yeah, to try and stay on topic for a paragraph: so far the entirety of Steel Hunter’s gameplay code is all handled through blueprints, interfaces, structures, child actors, and curves. And, honestly, so far that’s been absolutely perfect for all of my needs (and these are non-trivial needs — then again, some of my blueprints are terrifying). Though last night I was working on some logic for mass-affected leg movement for a biped mech and I’m fairly certain that if I got interrupted at any point I’d never have figured out my train of thought again:

I never thought left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot would be so involved. Turns out walking is weird. I also wish this was the worst of my blueprints, but alas. And I try to be diligent about keeping functionality modular and reusable and clean.”

— Trent Polack, “Speeding Up Content Production” (80.lv)

I’ve actually since started doing the C++ implementations for all of the game systems, but that was largely for reasons unrelated to the power of UE4’s blueprints.

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