Good Job, Me

The style that I’m trying to establish with this random scene I’m working on is largely a soulless, irrelevant city consisting of a bunch of completely destructible, low-poly buildings that are, for the most part, bland and featureless. This was an asset set I nabbed from the Unity Asset Store a couple weeks ago, and I just adore the clean, archetype-driven style of each of these meshes (and there are is a ton of variety both in the pack and in the ways these buildings can be used).

One of the reasons that I want to keep a very clean city, aside from the practicalities of making it all destructible, is that the mechs can have a variety of looks and paint schemes, not to mention the chaos that will be caused by all of the destruction and weapon effects that will be flying around. That means there’s a potential for any given scene to become just a whirlwind of noise. And one of my visual goals for this project is to make any given moment in the game a screenshot-worthy moment (which is a stupidly impossible goal to have, by the way). My secondary visual goal is to make every level feel completely unique (while still adhering to the guiding style of high-contrast, super-saturated, minimal color palettes).

Basically, though, I’m just giving myself a giant pat on the back for the way this first scene is turning out:

And a little glimpse at what may come next:

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