Interview with PCGamesN

I did an interview with PCGamesN a few weeks ago with Jeremy Peel to talk about Steel Hunters, its guiding design principles, a bit about our approach to the design and development of systems, and references to immersive sims. Which ended up giving the interview the title of “Making it Unreal: immersive sims meet mechs in Steel Hunters. I never really thought about Steel Hunters as an immersive sim other than saying we draw ideas from them, but… It’s actually not an inaccurate way to refer to the game.

The idea is that by letting the player be responsible for their own choices in the chop shop and leaving the engine to handle the consequences, Steel Hunters will be somewhat self-balancing.

“That’s what we’re really hoping for by not just relying on classifications for things,” says Polack. “We’re not gonna say, ‘This is the heavy weapon’. This is a weapon, it has a certain amount of mass – how do you want to fit that into your build?”

Jeremy Peel, “Making it in Unreal: immersive sims meet mechs in Steel Hunters”

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