Joy Machine’s Production Tenets

Continuing on the (completely unintentional) trend of writing about our production/development process for Steel Hunters, here’s another piece that I wrote for our friends over at Cartrdge.

And I also, well, not frequently, but when I can write articles on rendering/ engine/gameplay development stuff I’m doing or, lately, about the design approach we’re taking with Steel Hunters which is fairly unique (it’s a grounds-up system-driven design). You can find everything I’ve posted so far on our Joy Machine Devlog.

The thing is: the chances of someone stealing your game idea are slim-to- none. And, if they do, there is no chance in hell that anyone is going to execute on that idea the way that you’re going to. And that’s not even to mention the tech-side of things; I’m confident that our custom fork of UE4 would be incredibly difficult for anyone to guess on the feature set and then develop complete parity with. And, again, even if that happened: no one is going to design the game like I am, and no one is going to focus on the nuances of the design/implementation of the game like our team will.

Read the whole thing here.

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